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10 - The Onset Age Of Menopause in Women Who Have Attended to Şişli Etfal Hospital 3 rd Obstetrics And Gynecology Outpatient Clinic

Melahat Dönmez Kesim, Murat Erdemir, İbrahim Kaya, Akın Aydemir

OBJECTIVES: To determine the median age of natural menopause who have attended to Sisli Etfal Hospital 3rd Obstetric and Gynecology Outpatient Clinic and whether smoking, socioeconomic status and parity affecting that age.

METHODS: A total of women who have attended to Şişli Etfal Hospital 3rd Obstetric And Gynecology Outpatient Clinic are investigated. 241 of patients who had had naturalmenopause defined as cessation of menstruation for at least 12 months at the end of reproductive years were evaluated. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire and face to face interviews and included smoking, parity and socioeconomic variables.

RESULTS The median age ofthe natural menopause in our patients is 47.8 ± 3.1 years. This is significantly lower than the median age reportedfrom the Western countries (50.3 years). 17 of our patients were nulliparous (7.2 %); 224 of those were multiparous. The median age of menopause in nulliparous and multiparous was 45.9 ± 2.2, 47.9 + 3.0 respectively(p<0.05). Smoking and socioeconomic status did not related to menopausel age (p>0.05 ).

CONCLUSION: Nowing the factors that decreases the avarege menopausal age will help us to increase this age together with the proper and time the diagnosis all the cases will also increase life quality after menopausal age and in circumtances of our country this study showes that we will need to have many more studies with many more cases. The subjet median age of the menopouse was signiticanfly related to parity (p<0,05 ).

Keywords: Menopause, onset age, parity, smoking

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