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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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9 - Effects Of Tibolone To Serum Estrogen Levels And Hypoestrogenic Index

Melahat Dönmez Kesim, Murat Erdemir, İbrahim Kaya, Akın Aydemir

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to examine effects ofTibolone to serum estrogen levels and hypoestrogenic index in the natural and surgical menopause patients.

METHODS: A total of52 women who have attended to Sisli Etfal Teaching and Research Hospital 3rd Obstetric and Gynecology Outpatient Clinic are evaluated. in ali patients, before and 6 months after therapy, serum estrogen value and hypoestrogenic index were determined.

RESULTS: Before and after therapy with tibolone;the median levels of plasma estrogen was 16.3 ± 5.7 pg!ml and 38.7 ± 24.5 pglml respectively. This increase of estrogen after therapy was statistically significant ( p<0.01 ). When hypoestrogenic index examined: before and after therapy with tibolone: hypoestrogenic index was 5.0 ± 0.8, 3.4 ± 1.0 respectively. This decrease was not statistically significant (p>0.05).

CONCLUSION: With this regard, in the postmenopausal therapy we think that plasma estradiol levels are useful and better than hypoestrogenic index

Keywords: Menopause, tibolone, hypoestrogenic index

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