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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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6 - Treatment Results of non Hodgkin Lymphoma

Orhan Kızılkaya, Birsen Yücel, Didem Karaçetin, Oktay İncekara

OBJECTIVE: In this study we evaulated the treament and follow-up of patients with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

STUDY DESIGN: 279 patients treated at our clinc between years 1989-1999fo r NHL were studied retrospecitvely with regard to treatment methods used and survival rates.

RESULTS: Out of 279 patients, 166 were above 50 years of age, Male/Female ratio: 211, 184 patient were male. 95 patients were female. .59.1% (1 6 5 p o e p le ) lymphatic locality, 17.85% ( 49 people) gastrointestinal system, 16.4% ( 46 people) Tonsil - waldayer, 2 persons, intracranial, 10 bone, and 6 other zone implacement.

CONCLUSION: Allpatients receved CHOP as primer chemotherapy, 5 years survival rates weer 70% for patients in stage 1 and 2, fo r stage 3 and 4 it was found to be 55%.

Keywords: Non Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), chemotherapy.

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