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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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4 - Evaluation of corneal topographic changes after strabismus surgery

Şule Ziylan, Semra Hoca, Abdülkadir Egemenoğlu, Şafak Karslıoğlu

OBJECTIVE:In pediatric ophthalmology the most common disorder managed surgicall is strabismus. The aim of this study was to evaluate if there are any changes in corneal topography ajier strabismus surgery.

STUDY DESIGN: This measurement is done by CMS- 1 corneal topography apparatus. This method is chosen because corneal topography is superior to other conventional corneal curvature measurement techniques. This method is not ejfected from eye lid edema, photophobia, ete. This study covers 49 eyes of 31 patients. The eyes operated only for one muscle and the eyes operated for more than one muscle are evaluated and the differences are statistically analyzed. Also the patients were divided in two groups as 5-14 years of age and 15-35 years of age. The measurements taken before surgery and after surgery on 3rd day, 10 th day, 2 months and 6 months.

RESULTS: Results indicate that immediately in post op. period there are some changes in astigmatic values. The measurements taken in the first two months were statistically important but in six month period these changes turn to _be meaningless and most of aztigmatic values turned back to the preoperative level. One or more muscle surgery does not effct the outcome even though there are somefluctuations in refractive changes during 6 month period.

CONCLUSION: Through this time period if the patient has any subjective complaints such as blurring ard!or if the vision quality gets worse objectively we have to consider changing the eye glasses, if not the patient may continue wearing the same eye glasses prescribed before.

Keywords: Corneal topography, Strabismus surgery complications, Refractive changes.

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