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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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3 - Treatment Epproach and Results in Nasopharynx Carcinoma

K. İnanç, Ö. Maral, D. Karaçetin, A. Uyanoğlu, O. İncekara

OBJECTIVE: in this study we evaluated treatment and follow up results of patients who were treated of Nasopharynx cancer in years of 1989 1997.

STUDY DESIGN:In years of 1989-1997, 125 Nasopharynx cancer patients were followed up in Şişli Etfal Hospital, Radiation Oncology Clinic. We evaluated 69 patients who were followed up for more than 6 months.

RESULTS: 19of patients are female, 50 of patients are male. The youngest patient was 9 years old, the o/dest patient was 75 years old. The most common hystologic type is undifferantial carcinoma (56 patients). 2 of patients are with metastatic disease when they first arrived. During the treatment metastases occured in 15 patients. The most common metastatic site in bone. Treatment methodş are; in 15 patients radiotherapy, in 54 patients combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Loca/ recurrens is seen in 6 patients and they were given second /ine radiotherapy. Disease free survival for ali stages was 14 mounths. During the following 46 patients were exitus. 23 patients have been stili followed up.

CONCLUSION: Due to lymphatic disease and showing common metastases, Nasopharnx cancer are differ from the other head and neck cancers. lnvation of lymphatic nodes /rom the upper to the lower, survival comes short. lf bilateral lymph nodes are involved, prognosis is worse.

Keywords: Nasopharynx carcinoma, radiotherapy, chemotherapy.

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