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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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2 - Comperative Evaluation of Frozen Section Materials and Their Paraffin Section Diagnosis sent to our Laboratory between October 1997 and December 1999

Banu Yılmaz, Tülay Başak, Damlanur Sakız, İsmail Evren, Billur Şentürk

OBJECTIVE: in this study, surgical pathology specimens sent for frozen section with purposes such as getting a primary diagnosis, assesment of surgical margins, metastatic lymph nodes and searching for ganglion cells in rectal biopsies have been reevaluated and compared with the parafjin section diagnosis.

STUDY DESİGN: Of 11604 cases examined in our laboratuary between October 1997 and December 1999. 28,50 % (3348 cases) were sent for cytological examinatton. 325 specimens belonging to 233 cases were examined with frozen section. Before frozen section alsa imprint preparations were made in certain cases, where we thought it could be of great diagnostic value.

RESULTS: We compared the frozen section and paraffin section diagnosis on a basis of the total number of the specimens, reevaluated the cases with discordant diagnosis or cases in which the diagnosis were postponed to paraffin section and tried to put forth its possible causes. Accuracy rate 97 %, sensitivity 94%, specifity 95%.

CONCLUSIONS: The aim of our study was to asses the frequency of frozen section, to det ermine its indications, to find out the false positivity and false negatiyity rates, the reasons, when the diagnosis was postponed to paraffin section, to search far the possible causes of our mistakes.

Keywords: Frozen section, surgical pathology, diagnosis, breast,over, thyroid tumor.

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