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3 - The weight change in diabetics who started to use insulin and the investigation of affecting parameters

Melike Demirel, Emine Şatır, Sema Uçak, Tayyibe Saler, Yüksel Altuntaş

Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the total weight change in a year of follow-up in patients who were initiated to use insulin, and the parameters that affect this situation. Materials and Method: A total of 474 patients (279 female (58.8%), 195 male (41.2%)) were included in the study. All the patients were trained by diabetes training nurses and nutritionists for using insulin, diabetes and diet. The insulin type and dose used in the treatment, the patients’ compliance to exercise and the diet, the existance of oral anti-diabetics usage, the existance of complications, originating from diabetes, the glucose, and HbA1c levels and the weight before and after treatment were established. Results: The insulin dose of the > 5 kg group was significantly higher than the ≤5 kg group’s dose (p= 0.033). There were no statistically significant difference between the putting on ≤ 5 kg and putting on > 5 kg groups in the distribution of the insulin type (p> 0.05). The average weight change was observed in the intensive insulin treatment group the most. Conclusion: The treatment of diabetes is not just a treatment of a disease, but also requires a build up of a new way of life. For a life time good treatment course, the compliance of the patients and a team work are essential. The insulin treatment alone causes gain in weight. The mean annual weight gain in diabetics on insulin is 2-4 kg, as in our study it was determined as 3.23 kg (1). For reducing this gain, it is very important to follow up hypoglisemia and hyperglisemia, to manage the treatment according to this, the conscious calory intake, and to catch the exercise that is suitable to the life style as a habit.

Keywords: İnsulin treatment, wegiht gain, the compliance to the treatment

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