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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 1

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8 - Bacteria İsolatedfrom Urinary Tract Infections ard Their Antibiotic Susceptibility

Engin Seber, Birsen Durmaz, Fatma Korkmaz, Kadir Güneş, Nurdan Okunakol

OBJETIVE: Urinary tract infections are tlıe mosı common among hospital infecıions and that‘s why the aııtibiotic sisceptibility of ıhe causative agents iıolatedfrom urinary tract infections is important for ıreaıment modidifictions, for the prevention of resinstans development and for the control of hospital infections, in this study our goal was to define ılıe the causative agent of urinary tract infections in our hozpital and after the pe,formence of sus??eptility test to direct the empirical treament

MATERIALAND METHOD: During March 1998 -March 1999 urine cultures of patients diagnosed with at Şişli Etfal Hospital clinics urinary tract infections at Şişli Etfal Hospital clinics were evaluated retrospectively. The antibiotic zuzceptibility of bacteria was evaluted witlı disc diffusion test.

RESULTS: 996 urine cultures were evaluated and in 365 of them e causativeagent was isolated. Among the isolated microorganisms 230 (%63.2) were gram negative enteric rods, 54 (%14.7) yeasts, 48 (%/ 3.1) nonformentative gram negative rods, 33 (%9) gram pozitive cocci.

CONCLUSION: in our study wefınded ouı that E. coli was the most common pathogen isolatedfrom urine cultures and that in comparison with previous years there was in increase in antibiotics reistance among the isolated pathogens

Keywords: Urinary system infections, urinary tract, infecıions, causative agents, antibiotic susceptibility

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