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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 1

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6 - Testis Tumors in Our Clinic

Didem Karaçetin, Orhan Kızılkaya, Birsen Yücel, Oktay İncekara

OBJETIVE: in this study, we evaulated the results of treatment and follow up 96 patients with testicular tumors

STUDY DESIGN: At our clinic, 96 patients with testicular tumors had been treated over the 10 years, begining in 1989

RESULTS: Age distribution shows the most occurance in age group of 20- 40 (64,5%) Location of tumor is mostly ( 48 patients ) in left testis and 3 patients are bilateral. 43 of the cases pure seminom type, 5 cases show non germ celi type.

CONCLUSION: Survival rates are as fo/lows; Stage 1 seminoma; 100 % (5 years), Stage 2 seminoma ; 65 % (5 years ), Stage 3-4seminoma; 76 % (2 years) and stage 1 nonseminoma; 58 % (5 years); stage 2 non seminoma 43 %(5 years), stage 3-4 nonseminoma 65 % (2 years).

Keywords: Seminoma, Nom seminoma, chemotheraphy

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