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5 - Measurement of Maternal Serum median HCG, afp and UE3 Hormon levels with triple screening test in Zeynep Kamil Hospital to predıct Prenatal risk

Ayşen Özkoral, İlter Güner, Seracettin Günaydın, Bilge Türköver

OBJECTIVE: in the triple screening test performedfor the purpose of estimating the prenatal risk, tlıt differences displayed hy AFP, HCG and uE3 values in the serum as re/ated to the expected values for gestational week , were determined. in this study, our aim was to make it possible to attain pergect results, by way of estimating our own regional median values far pregnant women between the 14th and 20th gestational weeks who were admitted to the Hormone Laboratory at the Zeynep Kamil Hospita/ in order that the the median values of AFP, HCG and uE3; which were thought to bear regiona/ differences, were determined accurately.

STUDY DESIGN: This study was performed in 3012 pregnant women who were admitted to the Hormone Laboratory at the Zeynep Kamil Hospital between the 24th, October 1997 and the 27th, September 2000. The analyses of AFP, HCG and uE3 hormones in the maternal sera were carried aut.

RESULTS : The median values determined by way of MSAFP , MSHCG and MSuE3 measurement usedfor the purpose of estimating the prenatal risk in 3012 pregnant women, were found minimally different from the median values proposed by typo/og software,in 14, 15, 16, 17, 19th weeksfor MSHCG; in 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20th weeksfor MSAFP;in 14,20tn weeks far MsuE3. The prenatal risk,who were admitted admitted to the Genetic Laboratory at the Zeynep Kamil Hospital ,an amniosynthesis was performed and two of them were diagnosed trisomic.

CONCLUSIONS : While a prenatal risk scre"e‘ning is being done,the median values of MSHCG,MSAFP and MSuE3 re/ated to the gestational week should be known on the basis of laboratory in which the test is practised.As the median values of these parameters are known to show social ,even regional differences ,it is a prerequisite that the median values displayed by the pregnant women admitted to our laboratory are estimated foran accurate practise of the test.

Keywords: Triple test,maternal serum maternal serum human chorionic gonadotropin(MSHCG),maternal serum free estrio(MSuE3)

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