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4 - Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Extrahepatic Biliary Obstruction Retrospective Analysis Of 59 Patients

Mehmet Uludag, Gürkan Yetkin, Abut Kebudi, Hasan Karanlık, Kemal Arslan, Adnan İşgör

OBJECTIVE: To review the diagnosis and therapy methods the patieııts who admitted to the general surgery departmeııt with obstructive jauıı dice and compaire the findings to the literature.

STUDY DESIGN: 59 patients with obstructive were investigated between March 1995 Marclı 1999 at Şişli Etfa/Education and Training Hospital 2. General Surgery Departmen, retrospectively.

RESULTS: 38 ouı of 59 patients with benighıı, 21 out of59 (%35) are found to have ma/igıı diseases. 25 patients wiıh benigıı diseases (%66) uııderwent surgical treçıtmenı, 8 patients (%21) ERCP and surgical treatment and 5 patients with maling diseases (%9 .5) undervent drenaj procedure.

CONCLUSIONS: Drainage procedure hasfound to he increase the quality of life of the patients who have malign diseases have not received racial resection. Wiıh the common use of MRCP as a diagnostic method, ERCP diagnostic rates tend to decrease. Therefore ERCP is becoming more in the use of procudure as therapeutic method, recently.

Keywords: Obstructive jaundice, extrahepatic, MRCP, ERCP

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