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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 1

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2 - The Effect of Defibrotide in Experimental Superior Mesenteric Artery Trombosis

Mehmet Uludag, Gürkan Yetkin, Abut Kebudi, İsmail Akgün, Mustafa Özbagrıaçık, Adnan İşgör, Gülen Dogusoy

OBJECTIVE: in this study profibrinolytic, antithrombotic, cytoprotective properties of defibrotide were investigated experimentally for the recovery of superior nıesenteric artery thrombosis.

STUDY DESIGN: 21 male Wistar-Albino rats were used in this study. There were three groups defined as the first. control group, ıfıe second theurapeutic defibrotide group and the third prophylactic tlıerapeutic defibrotide group. Seven rats were used in each group. in ali of the rats superior mesenteric artery thrombosis was developed. Postoperative/y in 24 hours the ischemic bowel segments with t??eir mesenteric arteries were resected and examined histopathologica/ly.

RESULTS: There was no signifıcaııt difference between the first and the second groups as far as iscfıemia was concerned (p>0.05 ). 42 .8 percent of transmural necrosis was deteçted in the first group whereas none was found in the second and the third groups. There was also a significant difference between tlıe first and tlıe third groups (p<0.01 ).

CONCLUSIONS: As a conclucion defibrotide preveııts irreversible necrosis at therapeutic doses and also decreases the /eve/ at ischemia significantly when administered at prophylactic-therapeutic doses


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