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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 1

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1 - Adolescent and old age pregnants obstetric results

Müjde Şekeroğlu, Alparslan Baksu, Zehra İnce, Hüseyin Gültekin, Nimet Göker, Sibel Özsoy

Objective: Adolescent pregnants are compared with old age pregnants in terms of maternal and fetal outcomes. Material and Methods: Adolescent and old age pregnants admitted to Şişli Etfal Training and Resource Hospital 1. Gynecology and obstetric clinic between 2002-2007 are compared in a retrospective case-control study. Results: Although the rate of low birth weight infant,premature labour and prematurity are found to be higher in adolescents of whom majority‘re nulliparous than older patients; there is no difference in terms of fetal distress, fetal injury and the need for newborn intensive care unit. There is no difference in terms of gestational week at birth between adolescent and other pregnants; however,there is lower rate of macrosomic infant and caeserian section(C/S). Perinatal mortality is not influenced by the maternal age. The indication for C/S in adolescents are mostly CPD and primigravida breech presentation whereas in older ones the indications mostly are previous C/S. The rate of fetal distress is similar in both groups. The rate of prenatal follow-up is low especially in adolescent pregnants and pregnants above 35 years old. Cohabitation rate is higher in adolescents than other pregnants whereas educational status in adolescents is inadequate. Discussion: This study has shown that adolescent pregnants and pregnants above 35 years old constitude high risk group, we should provide social support, education and regular follow-ups in order to have better pregnancy outcomes for both groups. We should take care about the possible complications and follow-up issues in those patients.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, obstetric complication

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