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          VOLUME 49 / ISSUE 4

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9 - Outcome of surgery in endometrium cancer cases treated in our gynecology clinic in last 2 years and role of laparascopy in surgical oncology

Osman Temizkan, Osman Aşıcıoğlu, Bülent Arıcı, İlhan Şanverdi, Işıl Ayhan, Özlem Çetin, Berhan Besimoğlu

Objective: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of laparascopic surgery; and retrospective analysis of the follow up data of surgically treated endometrium cancer patients in our gynecology clinic in last 2 years

Material and Method: 31 patients who are operated for endometrium cancer were analysed retrospectively.

Results: Mean age of patients were 58.4±11.7. Mean tumor size was 2.1±1.5 cm. 45.1% of patients were post menopausal and 29.0% of patients had diabetes. 87.0% of patients were diagnosed as endometrioid type adenocarcinoma.2 patients had cervical and 3 patients had lymphovascular area invasion. Laparascopy was successfully performed in 93.5% of patients, obturator nerve injury occured in only 1 patient. CA125 level was found to be related with the stage of disease in regression analysis.

Conclusion: Laparascopy is very effective and safe method of surgery in oncology, if experience is sufficient. CA125 level might be used in prediction of advanced stage disease.

Keywords: Endometrium cancer, laparascopy, CA 125, stage

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