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6 - An investigation of the anger levels and anger expressions in patients with essential hypertension

Gülden Atan, Elanur Karabulutlu Yılmaz

Objective: This study was conducted descriptively to determine the anger levels and anger expressions in individuals with essential hypertension.

Material and Method: The study population of this descriptive study consisted of patients with a diagnosis of essential hypertension admitted to Firat University Hospital, Cardiology Outpatient Clinic between September 2010 and January 2012. And, the sample of the study consisted of 220 patients who were 18 years or older and diagnosed with essential hypertension at least in the last three months, had no chronic diseases and disorders that affect cognitive functioning, and who agreed to participate voluntarily in the study. Data were collected with “Introductory Information Questionnaire” and “Trait Anger and Anger Expression Scale”.

Results: Of the patients included in the study, 55.9% was male, 38.2% was in the 66-76 age group, 84.5% was married, and 40.9% was illiterate. Duration of the hypertension was found to be between 1 and 5 years in 40.9% of the patients. It was found that 56.8% of the patients was using multiple antihypertensive drugs, 35% was using one drug only, 55.9% was going to the regular hypertension checks, and 66.4% has not received any training on hypertension. The highest mean score of the patients taken in the trait anger and anger expression scale was in the Trait Anger subscale (24.11±6.71), and the lowest mean score taken was in the Anger-Out subscale (16.43±5.60). The profession, marital status, number of medications received, regular hypertension checks and hypertension training were found to be effective factors in trait anger and anger expression of patients with essential hypertension.

Conclusion: Anger management of patients diagnosed with essential hypertension was found to be high, despite their high levels of trait anger. In line with these results, it is recommended to provide training by health professionals on anger expression and control in order to increase hypertension awareness in individuals with essential hypertension.

Keywords: Essential hypertension, anger, anger expression style

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