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          VOLUME 49 / ISSUE 3

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5 - The evaluation of the implementation level of nurses working in neonatal intensive care unit in the treatment of neonatal jaundice

Melek Selalmaz, Ali Bülbül, Şehrinaz Sözeri, Fatma Gül Özcan, Ayşe Kunt, Gülsün Atar, Umut Zübarioğlu, Ebru Türkoğlu Ünal, Sinan Uslu

Objective: To evaluate the application level of nurses about health care service given at jaundice treatment on newborn babies.

Material and Method: Study data was obtained from nurses who work in neonatal units of two training and research hospitals of İstanbul and agreed to participate the study. For this study a questionnaire form established by investigators under the supervision of experties and under the consideration of literature knowledge and approval from ethical committee received. In questionnaire, with general working characteristics of individual, also knowledge level about early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of jaundice evaluated. The impact of educational status and working period on the variables was analysed. Data were analyzed with percentage and chi-square methods.

Results: The study performed with 87 nurses who accepted the questionnaire. Fifty one point seven percent of nurses were university graduates. The receive education rate about jaundice was 57.5%. In questionnaire, the percentage of right knowledge for risk factors about development of jaundice was 79.3%, detection of jaundice properly was 58.6%, the definition of pathologic jaundice was 73.1%, clinical findings of jaundice was 61.3%, the methods for increasing the effectiveness of phototherapy was 79.6%, principles of nursing care for phototherapy was 52.9%, side effects of phototherapy was 42.6 % and proper feeding method during phototherapy was 65.6%. Master graduates were detected more succesfull in correct definition of breast feeding jaundice syndrome (p:0.05) and knowing early breast feeding jaundice (p:0.018). The percentage of knowing the side effects of phototherapy was higher in nurses working more than 5 years in neonatal units (p:0.039).

Conclusion: It was detected that the nurses had true knowledge with important proportion about clinical features and risk factors in development of jaundice, methods for increasing the effectiveness of phototherapy and feeding methods during phototherapy. The application knowledge was determined higher correct proportion in nurses who were master graduates or working period more than 5 years in newborn units.

Keywords: Neonatal, nursing, care, phototherapy

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