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          VOLUME 49 / ISSUE 2

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6 - Investigation of viral agents in lower respiratory tract infections of children by immunofluorescent and immunochromatographic methods

Süleyman Pelit, Banu Bayraktar, Mehmet Emin Bulut, Nazan Dalgıç Karabulut, Asiye Nuhoğlu

Objective: Lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) have high morbidity rates in children. They are also related with high mortality especially in early infancy. We aimed to investigate of viral agents of children, clinically diagnosed as LRTI, by immunofluorescent and immunochromatographic methods

Material and Method: In our study, nasopharyngeal swabs of 260 patients (1 month-5 years) clinically diagnosed as LRTI, were investigated by immunofluorescent and immunochromatographic techniques.

Results: In 122 (46.9%) of samples the virus was identified. RSV was the most common etiologic viral agent in LRTI by a rate of 35.3% followed by influenza A virus 4.2%, influenza B virus 1.9%.

Conclusion: In pediatric population, rapid diagnosis of LRTIs will help us to protect children and to choose appropriate treatment, avoidance of unnecessary antibiotic use and prevention of nosocomial infections caused by these agents.

Keywords: Lower respiratory tract infections, immunofluorescence, immunochromatograpy, children, RSV

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