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7 - In situ pinning of stable type mild and moderately slipped femoral capital epiphysis with single screw fixation

Burak Günaydın, Mustafa Can Taşkıran, Ali Turgut, Önder Kalenderer

Objective: The aim of this study is to evaluate the results of the patients with mild and moderate stable type SCFE treated with in situ single screw fixation without reduction.

Material and Method: Twelve hips of ten patients with SCFE were treated between 2000-2012. Body mass index, range of motion (R.O.M.), slipping angles on lateral X-Ray were measured and evaluated pre and postoperatively. Heyman Herndon’s clinical and Boyer’s radiologic scoring systems were evaluated at last visit.

Results: The mean age was 11.4±1.5 (9-14) years. Mean following time was 62 (14-119) months. According to Southwick’s method mean slipping angle was 40° (26°-50°). Mean body mass index was 27 kg/m2. The mean preoperative flexion, internal and external rotation of the hips were 100° (50°-120°), 12° (0°-30°), 64° (20°-90°) and the mean postoperative flexion, internal and external rotation of the hips were 119° (100°-130°), 30° (10°-60°), 62° (50°-80°). Increase in R.O.M. of flexion and internal rotation was statistically significant (p<0.05). The results of Heyman Herndon’s clinical and Boyer’s radiologic classification were fully successful.

Conclusion: We believe that single screw fixation without reduction is excellent treatment method for mild and moderately slipped stable type capital femoral physis. We recommend close-follow up for the other side instead of prophylactic fixation.

Keywords: Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, single screw fixation

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