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          VOLUME 48 / ISSUE 4

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12 - Spontaneous regression of testicular germ cell tumours: a case report

Ayşe Nur İhvan, Cumhur Selçuk Topal, Muzaffer İlkay Tosun, Resul Sobay, Ahmet Bindayı, Gözde Kır, Meryem Doğan, Billur Coşan

Objective: A significant number of primary testicular tumors are germ cell tumors. Testicular germ cell tumors are one of the most common human neoplasms to undergo spontaneous regression.

Case: a 22 year-old male patient, who had left-side testicular pain and up to 10 kilograms weight loss in a month. In the screening, retroperitoneal mass in the region of 8-12 cm in diameter and 2 cm solid mass in posterosuperior of the left testis. The patient who underwent left radical orchiectomy, teratomatous components of the macroscopic and microscopic examination accompanied by residual scar nodules detected and “showing spontaneous regression of germ cell tumor” was diagnosed.

Conclusion: Spontaneous regression of testicular germ cell tumors is a well-recognized phenomenon, significant scar tissue is present in macroscopy. Histomorphological characteristics of tumor regression properties of scar tissue awareness, it is important to distinguish from nonspecific scar.

Keywords: Testicular germ cell tumours, spontaneous regression

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