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          VOLUME 48 / ISSUE 4

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8 - Pediatric health care providers’ knowledge about patient follow-up with pulse oximetry

Ali Bülbül, Melek Selalmaz, Ayşe Kunt, Şehrinaz Demirel, Hasan Sinan Uslu

Objective: The aim of the study is to determine the knowledge level of health staff serving in pediatric age group about patient follow-up with pulse oximetry.

Material and Method: Data of study were obtained from health staff accepted to participate and working in pediatrics department of two education and research hospitals in Istanbul. For this study a questionnaire form established by investigators under the supervision of experties and under the consideration of literature knowledge. A total of 26 questions were asked which contain the general practice characteristics of the individual and properties and measurement basis of pulse oximetry was filled by an interview. Data were analyzed with percentage and chi-square methods.

Results: The study performed with 128 pediatric health staff accepted the questionnaire. Among of the participants 66.4% were nurse and 46.1% practicing in neonatal intensive care unit. Participants did not known as bright sun light (56%), methemoglobinemia (44%), phototherapy (37%), cold environment- peripheral vasoconstriction (21%) and shock (16%) are the situations that can cause errors in pulse oximetry measurements. Replacement time of pulse oximetry probe site and situation of giving oxygen support according to pulse oximetry result for babies which needs at feeding detected as better known by nurses than doctors (p:0.000 and p:0.001, respectively).

Conclusion: Frequency of getting education about pulse oximetry was determined low in health staff serving in pediatrics, also nurses were more succesfull in follow-up with pulse oximetry. It was concluded that all staff in pediatrics field must get standart and continuos education about pulse oximetry.

Keywords: Pulse oximetry, education, pediatrics

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