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3 - Early comparision results of anatomical single and double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction procedures by using autogenous hamstring tendon graft

Burak Günaydın, Osman Tuğrul Eren, Raffi Armağan, Hasan Basri Sezer

Objective: Purpose of this study is to evaluate the results of anatomical single bundle and double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction procedures and compare the results between two groups.

Material and Methods: 20 patients had been treated by anatomical single bundle (group 1) and 20 patients were treated by anatomical double bundle technique (group 2) between 2007 and 2009. The patients’; Lysholm knee scores, Modified Cincinnati scores, knee stability tests, activity scales, examination results of knee range of motion, IKDC scores, thigh atrophy measurement results, one leg hop test scores and examination under 15, 20, 30 pound forces with KT-1000 machine were evaluated and compared between two groups retrospectively. Statistical analysis was performed by using student T test, Mann-Whitney U test and Anovo test, p<0.05 was accepted as significant.

Results: For group 1; 17 (85%) of the patients were male and 3 (15%) of them were female, mean age was 26 (16-36) years, 11 (55%) of the lesions were on the right knee and 9 (45%) of them were on the left knee. All of the patients in group 2 were male. For group 2; mean age was 26.7 years (18-35), 14 of the lesions (70%) were on right knee and 6 of them were on the left knee (30%). Anterior translation rates which had been tested by KT-1000 measurements with 20 and 30 pound forces were lesser for group 2 (statistically significant, p<0.05). There were no statistically significant difference for other comparisions.

Conclusion: Anterior translation after anatomical double bundle technique was statistically significantly lesser than anatomical single bundle technique when tested with KT-1000 machine under 20-30 pound forces. We believe in that; after evaluating more cases’ clinical results which has been treated by anatomical double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction technique, more orthopaedic surgeon will prefer to use this technique.

Keywords: Anterior cruciate ligament, arthroscopy, reconstructive surgery

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