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          VOLUME 48 / ISSUE 3

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10 - Evaluation of patients hospitalised in pediatrics clinic for profound anemia and diagnosed as iron deficiency

Önder Kılıçaslan, Zeynep Yıldız Yıldırmak, Nafiye Urgancı

Objective: Iron deficiency is one of the major health problems in the world. The aim of this study was to evaluate cases hospitalized to pediatrics clinic with profound anemia (Hb < 7 g/dl) and investigated for iron deficiency anemia.

Material and Method: Patients with the diagnosis of iron deficiency investigated for etiologic reasons with evaluation according to age, gender, physical examination and laboratory findings.

Results: 15 were female (53.3%) and 13 were male (46.5%) from total of 28 cases. The ages of study group were between 4 and 18 with a mean of 13.25±4.68 years. 21 of cases were in adolescent age group defined as 11-18 age group. 11 were female (52.4%) and 10 were male (47.6%) in adolescent age group. 9 patients in this age group (42.8%) were admitted with bleeding. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy performed 4 of the patients from cases with gastrointestinal bleeding and 3 of them detected helicobacter pylori positive from biopsy samples. Body Mass Index (BMI) of adolescent cases was calculated and from 13 cases; 4 were normal and only one of them was mildly obese. Prominent feature of the patients was scarcity of red meat consumption. The most obvious pathologic sign of physical examination was skin pallor found in all patients. Other findings were murmur at mesocardiac focus (46.4%) and tachycardia (14.3%). Laboratory findings at application moment were Hb 5.59±1.85 g/dl, MCV 68.76±16.4 fL, RDW 21,55±6.45%, white blood cell count 7167±4528/mm3, platelet count 326.000±241.013/mm3, serum iron level 18.2±9.92 µg/dl, serum iron binding capacity 444±110.13 µg/dl, transferrin saturation 4.03±2.26%, ferritin 8.83±12.1 ng/ml. 13 cases (46.4%) were transfused with packed red blood cells because they developed signs of cardiac failure. Iron therapy was administered to all

Conclusion: Profound anemia because of iron deficiency seen especially adolescent age group and only less than half associated with bleeding and all cases had scarcity of red meat consumption suggests nutritional deficiency.

Keywords: Profound anemia, iron deficiency anemia, adolescent anemia

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