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6 - Internalized stigmatization and its effect on functionality in patients with major depressive disorder or psychotic disorder

Can Sait Sevindik, Ömer Akil Özer, Uğur Kolat, Rabia Önem

Objective: IInternalized stigmatization is to accept negative stereotypes of the individual in society for himself and as a result of this, to withdraw himself from society in negative emotions like worthlessness and shame. In this study; we aim to determine, if there was any difference between Internalized stigmatization and functioning scores in depression and psychotic patients in remission and the effect of internalized stigmatization on functionality

Material and Method: 50 depression patients in remission and 50 psychotic patients in remission, who attended Sisli Etfal Educating and Researching Hospital Psychiatry department, were recruited in this Cross-sectional study. The primary independent variable was disease type, Internalized Stigmatization and functionality were dependent variables. Internalized Stigmatization of Mental Illness Scale and the Brief Assessment of Functioning Scale were used.

Results: Internalized stigmatization scores were nearly similar in both patient groups. Social withdrawal scores in psychotic patients and resistance to stigmatization scores of depressed patients were higher compared to the other group. Functioning subscale scores were statically different in patient groups, psychotic patients had difficulty in functioning more than depression patients.

Conclusion: In this study, we found that internalized stigmatization has a negative effect in functionality in both depressive and psychotic patients. Stigmatization effect should be considered, especially in psychotic patients, while giving medical and functionality therapies

Keywords: Depression, psychosis, internalized stigmatization, functionality

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