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2 - The related preoperative blood CA-125 value to prognosis at endometrial cancer

İbrahim Ömeroğlu, Osman Aşıcıoğlu, Serpil Kırım, Osman Temizkan, Bülent Arıcı, Sibel Özsoy

Objective: In this study the relationship of preoperative high CA-125 levels with clinical and pathological prognostic factors were investigated in endometrium cancer patients.

Material and Method: The relationship between preoperative CA-125 levels and clinicopathological parameters was investigated on 100 patients who operated for endometrium cancer between April 2007-April 2012 in Department of Obstetric and gynecology at Şişli Etfal Research and Training Hospital. Average age, menopausal status, body mass index, preoperative CA-125 levels, tumor types, histologic grades, surgical-clinical stage, positive peritoneal fluid cytology, presence of lymphovascular invasion, myometrium invasion and its degree, omentum metastasis, and tumor diameter and grade were evaluated. For CA-125 cut off point was accepted as evaluated 35 IU/mL.

Results: Cut-off point of CA-125 results of endometrium cancer patients were significantly associated with omentum metastasis, invasion to more than half of the myometrium, positive peritoneal fluid cytology and tumor size larger than 2 cm, lymphovascular invasion and positive lymph nodes.

Conclusion: For patients with endometrium cancer, preoperative CA-125 measurement (for cut off point 35) can be utilized as an important factor determining poor prognostic factors. However, it is not suitable to be used as an independent prognostic factor alone.

Keywords: Endometrium cancer, CA-125, poor prognosis

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