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6 - Efficacy of lumbar epidural corticosteroid injections on clinical status of the patients with radiculopathy

Jülide Öncü, Reşat İlişer, Göksel Çelebi, Banu Kuran, Gülgün Durlanık

Objective: To investigate the effect of lumbar epidural steroid injection in patients with radiculopathy

Materials-Methods: 37 patients with radiculopathy were recruited retrospectively in the study. Radicular, low back pain and paresthesia intensity were evaluated using visual analog scale (VAS); the evidence of nerve stretch was evaluated by straight leg rising (SRL), disability levels were evaluated using the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) and the quality of life was evaluated by SF-36.

Results: A significant improvement was observed in VAS-radicular and lomber pain levels at the 24th hours post-injection (p<0.01), at the 1st week (p<0.01), at 1st month(p <0.01) and 3rd month (p<0.05). Recovery rate of straight leg raising test was found to be 88% (p<0.05). A statistically significant improvement was found in the ODI levels and the quality of life as assessed by the SF-36 at the1st week (p<0.01) and after 3 months of the treatment (p<0.05).

Conclusion: During the first 3 months of treatment, lumbar epidural corticosteroid injections were effective in patients with radiculopathy

Keywords: Radiculopathy, epidural steroid injections, low back pain

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