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5 - The study of the intoxiation cases of the patients (0-18 years) admitting to pediatric emergency unit

Dilek Aygin, Hande Açıl

Objective: This study has been held descriptively with the aim of analyzing the acute intoxication cases of the ones (0-18 years) applying to Pediatric Emergency Unit.

Material and Method: Permission is obtained from the institution before starting the study. 110 children admitting to pediatric emergency unit with the problem of intoxication have been included in the study after their family signed the consent form by being informed about the aim of the study. Descriptive and parametric tests are used for the evaluation of the data gathered by a questionnaire form prepared based on the literature data.

Result: The average age for the cases is 7.7±5.7 (5 months-18 year); 44.5 % of these are in 2-6 age group, 56.4% are female, 61.% are the ones out of school. 57.3% (n=63) of the 110 intoxication cases are drug toxicity (paracetamol 26/63 %) and 65.1% of these are female children. 43.6% of the cases are taken into intensive care unit while 34.5% are hospitalized in service. The average length of hospitalization is 27.6±15.73 hours. 22.7% of the reasons of intoxication (n=5) are suicide, 20% are unconscious drug intake, 19.1% are the drugs left uncovered and 13.6% are home accidents. Gastric lavage is performed to the most of the patients (61.8%) and after giving activated charcoal they are taken into service and received supportive treatment aimed at the symptoms.

Conclusion: The fact that the intoxication is mostly seen in children and mostly results from unconsciousness shows that the education of the family about this issue has great importance. Also female children remain at the forefront of the suicidal drug intoxication. We believe that in order to prevent the childhood intoxication, there must be extensive research with the aim of reducing the mortality and morbidity and efforts should be made to raise public awareness.

Keywords: Childhood, emergency unit, intoxication

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