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          VOLUME 48 / ISSUE 1

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3 - Obstrüktif apne, tonsiller aktinomiçes, tonsil asimetrisi, rekürren tonsillit

Nagihan Bilal, Bora Bilal, Tugba Paksoy Doğruluk, Arzu Karaveli

Objective: In our study those having tonsillar actinomyces infection together with obstructive apnea were compared with those having recurrent tonsillitis; the increase in the dimensions of tonsils, its coexistence with lymphoid hyperplasia, tonsillar asymmetry were examined.

Methods: 179 patients, for whom adenotonsiliectomy operation was performed, were investigated. Their symptoms, surgical indications, tonsil dimensions, pathologies after the operation and actinomyces growth were evaluated retrospectively.

Results: Tonsillar actinomyces infection was seen mostly in adult age patients. Actinomyces growth in patients with obstructive apnea was found to be significant in comparison to the cases with recurrent tonsillitis (p<0.05). Actinomyces growth in unilateral tonsil is also found to be important (p<0.05). When tonsils showing actinomyces growth were compared with the tonsil section undergoing hypertrophy, this data is not found meaningful.

Conclusion: Tonsillar actinomyces should be kept in mind in cases operated because of obstructive apnea. In this study, tonsil dimensions were evaluated bilaterally, and correlation of tonsil hypertrophy and actinomyces was proved. Actinomyces growth was shown in asymmetric tonsils, however this hypothesis is not approved since tonsil section undergoing hypertrophy and section with actinomyces growth showed difference.

Keywords: Obstructive apnea, tonsillar actinomyces, tonsillar asymmetry, recurrent tonsillitis.

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