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8 - Relationship between alcohol consumption and skin disorders. A cross sectional and controlled study

Seher Arı, İlknur Kıvanç Altunay, Sibel Mercan

Objective: Certain skin diseases have been associated with increased alcohol consumption. Our aim was to investigate whether alcohol use and addiction have any effect on dermatologic diseases and relationship between alcohol consumption and cutaneous disease.

Method: A total of 100 patients with psychiatric comorbidity and diagnosed with psychodermatologic disease (psoriasis, acne, chronic uticaria, psychogenic pruritus, alopecia areata), 60 patients with chronic dermatosis and 74 healthy subjects were enrolled to this study. They were given a questionnaire including sociodemographic characteristics, the history of the disease, the questions aimed to examine relationship between alcohol use and cutaneous disease, and Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST). All data were assessed statistically.

Results: The ratio of alcohol consumption in our study population was 14,9%. The prevalence percentages of alcohol usage in the group of psychodermatologic diseases, in the group of chronic diseases and normal population were 18%, 8,3% and 16,2% respectively. This difference between the groups was not significant statistically (p=0.236). In terms of MAST score, the difference between the groups was not significant statistically (p=0.075). However, the relationship between alcohol and skin disease could not been evaluated because of the rate of alcohol use was low.

Conclusion: Patients with dermatologic diseases associated with psychosocial morbidity did not consume more alcohol than patients with other chronic diseases and normal population. However, because of different sociocultural effects, there is a need of broad-scale and multicenter studies for more determinative results.

Keywords: Skin disease, alcool, alcohol consumption

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