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6 - Depression and anxiety levels in geriatric patients with hemiplegia

Ali Yavuz Karahan, Ercan Kaydok

Introduction: Post stroke depression is the one of the issues not yet well established on pathogenesis and reported 20-60% after stroke. We aimed to reveal the level of anxiety and depression in stroke patients and aimed to investigate the effect of the age factor table in our study.

Patients and Method: Descriptive characteristics of eighty-three stroke patients were recorded. The patients were evaluate with the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) for level of dependency, the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) for the depression levels, the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) for the anxiety levels, the Mini Mental Test (MMT) for evaluate the cognitive functions. To elucidate the effect of age, patients were divided two groups as geriatric group (GER) and non- geriatric group (NGER) and then statistical comparisons were done.

Results: Sixteen women (36.4%) and 28 men (63.6%) for a total of 44 patients in were evaluated GER group, 18 women (46.2%) and 21 males (53,8%) for a total of 39 patients were evaluated in NGER group. The mean age of GER group was 70.3±6.1 and NGER group was 55.6±6.4. The mean FIM of GER group was 65.8±22.5 and NGER group was 77.8±22.1. In GER group 20.5% mild, 47.7% moderate and 2.3% severe depression was observed. In NGER group 30.8% mild and 30.8% moderate depression was observed. Significantly lower levels of functional independence and cognitive function were observed and depression and anxiety were more serious levels in geriatric patients.

Conclusion: The process of post-stroke depression is not an uncommon comorbid disease which may adversely affect the quality of life and rehabilitation. That should be kept in mind especially in geriatric patients and early treatment should be initiated.

Keywords: Stroke, geriatrics, anxiety, depression

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