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          VOLUME 47 / ISSUE 2

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8 - Arthroscopic bankart repair in the traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation

İbrahim Kaya, Ahmet Ertürk, Akın Uğraş, Erhan Bayram, İbrahim Sungur, Murat Yılmaz, Samed Ordu, Ercan Çetinus

Objective: To analyze the results of arthroscopic Bankart repair for recurrent anterior shoulder dislocations.

Material and Method: 16 patients who were performed arthroscopic Bankart repair due to recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation were included in the study. There were four females and 12 males. X ray and Magnetic resonans imaging was admitted for all patients. Results were evaluated according to Rowe and Constant scores.

Results: The mean number of dislocations was 10.2, mean Rowe score was 90.6 and mean Constant score was 94.3. Concomitant superior labral anterior and posterior repair was performed for two patients. Three patients had Hill Sachs defects and three patients had defects on the glenoid rim. One patient was detected with traumatic redislocation 15 months after the operation and was reoperated. One patient was reoperated because of intraarticular penetration of the anchor. Mean follow up time was 32.6 months.

Conclusion: Arthroscopic bancart repair has good clinical outcome. Increased number of preoperative dislocations may increase the frequency of redo surgery; this should be kept in mind for these patients.

Keywords: Bankart lesion, shoulder joint, dislocation, arthroscopic treatment

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