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7 - Hip arthroscopy: the haseki experience

İbrahim Kaya, Akın Uğraş, İbrahim Sungur, Murat Yılmaz, Erhan Bayram, Ahmet Ertürk, Ercan Çetinus

Objective: Hip is a relatively rigid and deep located joint. The role of arthroscopy in diagnosis and treatment of hip and surrounding tissue pathologies has been evaluated along with our clinical experience.

Material and Method: Fifteen hip arthroscopy cases who had admitted to our clinic with antalgic limp and groin pain between 2011 and 2012 were evaluated. Mean age was 35.8 (17-58) years. Three of the patients were female and 12 were male. Preoperative and postoperative Harris hip scores were recorded.

Results: Mean preoperative Harris Hip Score of the cases was 62.7 (54-86) and mean postoperative Harris Hip score was 92.5 (82-100). In three patients CAM type femoro-acetabular impingement was diagnosed and excessive portion of the femoral neck was shaved. In five patients, labral tears were detected. Two were repaired and three were debrided. One patient was diagnosed with osteochondral lesion and treated with reverse mosaicoplasty. Localised avascular necrosis of the femoral head was diagnosed in one patient and anterior mini-open mosaicoplasty was performed. Loose bodies were excised in two patients and intraarticular bullet was extracted in one patient. In two patients, no intraarticular pathology was detected.

Conclusion: When performed by experienced surgeons, hip arthroscopy is a minimal invasive diagnostic and treatment method which has successful results in intraarticular and periarticular hip disorders. Despite the high success rate, neurologic compromise must be avoided by paying meticulous attention in portal "ion and by keeping the traction time as short as possible.

Keywords: Hip joint, arthroscopy, labrum, debridement

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