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          VOLUME 47 / ISSUE 2

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2 - A treatment approach to pediatric supracondylar femur fracture

Adem Şahin, Avşar Özkut, Engin Eceviz, Esat Uygur

Pediatric supracondylar femur fractures are uncommon and only few publications regarding this subject are available in the current literature. Between 1990 and 2009, 279 pediatric femur fractures were retrospectively analyzed and 16 (5.7%) supracondylar femur fractures were detected. Predisposing musculoskeletal diseases were determined in three of these 16 patients [(osteogenesis imperfecta (2), cerebral palsy (1)]. Six patients who had non-displaced fracture were performed direct casting; after 3 weeks following traction under anesthesia, four patients underwent pelvipedal cast treatment. Percutaneous crossed K-wire fixation and a long-leg cast was applied in six patients. Fusion related problem and infection were not observed in any of the patients. During the post-operative follow-up, claudication was detected in two patients. One of them with cerebral palsy had concomitant high hip dislocation on the same side. Range of motion was normal in all except two patients who had claudication. Of these, one with 30° and the other with 10° extension loss were observed.

Keywords: Pediatric, supracondylar femur, percutaneous pinning

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