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5 - Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

İbrahim Kaya, Akın Uğraş, Ahmet Ertürk, Erhan Bayram, İbrahim Sungur, Samed Ordu, Murat Yılmaz, Ercan Çetinus

Purpose: Clinical and functional arthroscopic repair results of rotator cuff tears which have been diagnosed both radiographically and clinicaly have been evaluated.

Patients And Method: 26 patients treated with arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repair have been studied. Functional scores at the last follow-up were recorded. Mean age was 52.85±8.39 (range 38-71), Mean follow up time was 36.6±16.6 (range 14-56). 10 patients were (38.5%) male and 16 (61.5%) were female. Preoperatively patients were examined radiologically with X ray and MR and clinically with constant score. Postoperative constant scores were recorded.

Results: 18 (69.2%) of the effected shoulders were on the right side and 8 (30.2%) were on the left side. 3 (13.5%) of the patients went through acromioplasty. 76.9 % of the 26 patients had only supraspinatus tear where as in 23.1% of the patients concomitant infraspinatus tear was detected. Ethiologically three (11.5%) patients had history of shoulder trauma. Preoperative mean constant score was 52.89 (33-64) and postoperative mean constant score was 82±11.7 (56-100). All patients had significant increase in constant scores (p=0.000). Eight (30.7%) patients scored excellent, 10 (38.4%) patients good, seven (26.8%) patients fair and one (3.8%) patient bad .

Conclusion: In "ed cases, when the tear is not massive, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair may be the preferred treatment method becouse of its predictable good results and relatively less complication rate. Routine acromioplasty or subacromial decompression are not recommended.

Keywords: Rotator cuff tear, arthroscopic repair, subacromial decompression

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