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          VOLUME 42 / ISSUE 3

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1 - Comparison of the effectiveness of ringer lactate and HES on prevention of spinal anaesthesia related hypotension


Objective: One of the techniques to prevent spinal anaesthesia related hypotension is, intravascular volume expansion using intravenous fluid (preload) before spinal anaesthesia. In our study we aimed to compare the effectiveness of Ringer lactate and hydroxy ethyl starch (HES) and their combination in prevention of spinal anaesthesia related hypotension. Study design: 60 patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair operation were allocated randomly to three groups to receive either; in Group I: 10 ml/kg Ringer lactate or in Group II: 10 ml/kg HES %6 or in Group III: 5 ml/kg Ringer lactate and 5 ml/kg HES %6 combination infused in 20 minutes before spinal anaesthesia. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR) values were followed. Hypotension was defined as a decrease of 30% or more below baseline values or <90 mmHg and was planned to treat with repeated ephedrine bolus doses. Incidence of hypotension, ephedrine consumption and side effects were recorded. Results: Minimum SBP and HR values were significantly lower and incidence of hypotension was significantly higher in Group I compared to Group II and Group III (p<0.05). Ephedrine consumption was significantly higher in Group I than Group III (p<0.05)./Conclusion: We conclude that; fluid preloading with HES alone or Ringer lactate+HES combination are more effective than crystaloid alone in prevention of spinal anaesthesia related hypotension.

Keywords: Hypotension, spinal anaesthesia, Ringer lactate, HES

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