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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 4

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11 - Intracranial lipomas; two cases report

Ayşegül Özdemir Ovalıoğlu, İlhan Yılmaz, Ahmet Öğrenci, Ersegun Batçık, Turgay Bilge

Intracranial lipomas are very rare tumors an incidence of approximately % 0.1 of intracranial tumours. They usually occur near the middle line, as corporis callosi, quadrigeminal and ambient cisterns, infundibuler chiasma, cerebellopontine angle and sylvian fissure, rarely in the medulla oblongata, pons, proplexus and cortical area. We may encounter with radiological imaging of this lesions in both emergency services and policlinics. Therefore, this lesions and caharacteristics must to be well known and must be approached correctly.

Case: We presented two cases in this report. Firstly; a 52 year old male patient admitted to emergency service because of trauma that his cranial tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a corporis callosi lipoma and the latter; a 46 year old female patient admitted to our department because of headache that her cranial magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a lipoma in the clivus. In this report, the clinic, radiological imaging, the area they occurred, process management and differential diagnosis of intracranial lipomas were overviwed.

Conclusion: The intracranial lipomas are usually asymptomatic and rare. They can detected from computer tomography and magnetic resonance imagings. The pathologies that accompany this tumours must be ascertained. Because of benign prognosis low speed of growth, the close to neurovascular structure they must not remove until compression findings are happened.

Keywords: Intracranial lipomas, lipoma of the median line, malformations

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