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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 4

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7 - Soft silicone hydrogel contact lens fitting for visual rehabilitation of patient with advance keratoconus

İhsan Yılmaz, Leyla Yavuz

Objective: To evaluate of visual outcomes of Toris-K soft keratoconus contact lens in patients with advance keratoconus.

Methods: 56 eyes of 35 patients (16 female, 19 male) were included in this retrospective study. 13 eyes (%23,21) had a stage3 keratoconus and 43 eyes (%76,79) had a stage4 keratoconus. Mean age was 26,88±10,63 (range: 14-55). Mean corneal thickness was 482±28 micrometers (range: 398-524). Mean flat corneal meridian power was 49,50±4,25 diopter (range: 41,14-58,40). Mean steep corneal meridian power was 57,35±3,45 diopter (range:53,13-69,40). Mean corneal power was 53,42±3,85 diopter (range: 49,52-60,90). Uncorrected visual acuity, best spectacle corrected visual acuity and contact lens corrected visual acuity were measured for all cases and compared.

Results: Mean uncorrected visual acuity was 0,19±0,16 (range: 0,01-0,6). Mean best spectacle corrected visual acuity was 0,33±0,16 (range: 0,05-0,8). Mean contact lens corrected visual acuity was 0,71±0,19 (range: 0,30-1,00). Mean gain line on Snellen chart was 3,84±1,35 (range: 1-7 line) with contact lens. Contact lens corrected visual acuity was meanly better then spectacle corrected visual acuity (p=156x10-18, p<0,01).

Conclusion: We find out that visual outcome of Toris-K contact lens fitting, soft silicone hydrogel contacts, is successful in patient with advance keratoconus. These contacts improve distance visual acuity better than spectacles in advance keratoconus.

Keywords: Contact lens, keratoconus, silicone hydrogel

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