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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 4

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2 - The frequency and the affecting factors of urinary incontinence in women over 35 years old

Güzin Zeren Öztürk, Dilek Toprak, Esengül Basa

Objective: Urinary incontinence (UI); is a common health problem; affects people psychologically, physically and socially.In this study we try to determine the prevelance, causes and types of urinary incontinence in the female patients that visited our family medicine primary clinic and also to see the effects of this conditions on patients daily life.

Method: Female patients, aged more then 35 years old who visited our clinic in between 01-31 May 2012 were included in this study.Direct face to face Questionnaire by doctor was applied to each patient. The collected data were analyzed accordinally.

Results: Of total 201 patinets 86 (%42,8) had urinary incontinence. There was significant relation between uriner incontinence age, obesity and menopause (p=0.017; p=0,001; p=0,000). The urge incontinence was the most common type of UI (%43, n=37). There was no relation between UI and parity, delivery type, past urinary / gynecological operation. Regarding effects of UI on life quality.41 patinets had a ICIQ-SF questionnaire scale of more then 5 points and about 1/3 of them asked a doctor help for this.

Conclusıon: Although UI is common problem in females, it has been ignored by the patients and doctors as well. It should be looked for carefully by doctors in all female patients as a whole and in postmenopausal women specially.

Keywords: Urinary incontinence

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