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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 3

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9 - Hydrogen peroxide toxicity in children

Ahmet Ali Tuncer, Didem Baskın, Adnan Narcı, Salih Çetinkurşun

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless and tasteless unstable liquid which has several uses such as disinfectant, bleach or fabric stain remover in various concentrations. If taken orally, rapid generations of oxygen cause gastric distension and may lead to air embolism. There also corrosive effect. Here we present 4 children that ingested 3% hydrogen peroxide and discuss the clinical findings. Patients and method: Two boys were admitted to the emergency department with vomiting and bubbling. We were informed that they drank hydrogen peroxide solution that they found in the classroom with 2 other classmates, because they were thirsty. They were all aged 13. Other two boys were also called to the emergency department. All were hospitalized and monitorized. All had a stable course and esophagoscopy revealed second degree burn in one and first degree burn in the others. Oral feeds were started and they were discharged with no other problems. No complications were detected at during follow-up.

Conclusion: Although the concentration of hydrogen peroxide was low and oral ingestion did not cause serious problems in our patients, we propose hospitalization and monitorization of such a child at least for 24 hours for air embolus and gastric distention and evaluation of the esophageal mucosa for corrosive burns.

Keywords: Hydrogen peroxide, poisoning, esophagus, corrosive burn, childe

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