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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 3

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5 - Arthroscopic-assisted mini-open repair of rotator cuff tears

Özgür Karaman, Gökhan Kaynak, Özgün Karakuş, Etem Aytaç Yazar, Baransel Saygı

Objective: In this study, the diagnosis of rotator cuff tears repaired, with arthroscopic-assisted mini-open tecniques were retrospectively evaluated.

Methods: 35 patients with rotator cuff tears (9 males, 26 females, mean age 56, range 41 to 75) repaired with arthroscopically assisted mini-open tecniques. 29 patients had involvement of right shoulder, 6 patients had ivolvement of left shoulder. Preoperative physical examination, radiography, magnetic resonance and Constant –Murley score was performed at this evaluation. In the post operative period , phsical examination, radiography and Constant-Murley score are used. The mean follow-up period was 21 months (range 12 to 48 months).

Results: The mean Constant-Murley score increased from preoperative 41.7 (range 12 to 82) to postoperative 79.7 (range 42 to 100) (p<0.05). Only four patients showed dissatisfaction with the surgical outcome. There was no infection in any patient.

Conclusion: In “ed cases, rotator cuff tears repaired with arthroscopically assisted mini-open tecniques was found successful in clinical and functional results.

Keywords: Arthroscopy/methods, patient satisfaction, motion açıklılığı, rotator cuff/injury/surgery

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