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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 3

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4 - Functional results of open reduction and K-wire fixation for surgical treatment of pediatric radial neck fractures

Emrah Kovalak, Onat Üzümcügil, Gökhan Barbaros, Engin Çarkçı, Yusuf Öztürkmen, Ali Can Barış, Tolga Tüzüner

Eleven cases in which open reduction and K-wire fixation was performed in our clinic due to pediatric radial neck fracture were analysed in terms of functional outcome retrospectively. For fracture classification, Judet system was used where functional evaluation was performed using Tibone-Stolz classification. The mean follow-up was 36,5 months. Fracture type was 3 in 8 patients, 4A for one patient and 4B for 2 patients according to Judet system respectively. Two patients sustained non-displaced ulna fractures which were managed conservatively. Five patients were evaluated as perfect where 3 patients good and remaining 3 fair according to Tibone-Stolz classification respectively. Patients with ulna fracture were graded as perfect in one and as good in the other. Valgus angulation, avascular necrosis, heterotopic ossification and radioulnar sinostosis were not encountered in any of patients. Under the light of the data of the current study, open reduction and K-wire fixation of pediatric radial neck fractures seems to be a safe and efficient treatment modality.

Keywords: Radius, child, K-wire, fixation

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