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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 2

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11 - A rare complication of posterior fossa surgery: subacute subdural hematoma of lumbar region: case report

Ahmet Eroğlu, Ali Kıvanç Topuz, Cem Atabey, Mehmet Nusret Demircan

Subdural hematoma is a rare condition in spinal region. Coagulopathies and trauma are the most common etiologic causes. Lumbar spinal subdural hematoma occurs very rarely as a complication of cranial surgery. A 62-year-old female complained of lumbago and weakness in the lower extremities after posterior fossa surgery. Thoracic and lumbosacral MRI showed L4-S2 subacute subdural hematoma (SSH) and the patient underwent surgery immediately. She had no risk factors or pathology for bleeding at this site in her medical history and new laboratory tests. The symptoms appeared after she began to walk, so the SSH was probably due to downward movement of blood from the cranial subdural space under the influence of gravity. Severe back pain and progressive weakness of legs also should be considered that develop in patients with lumbar spinal subdural hematoma after posterior fossa surgery.

Keywords: Surgery, magnetic resonans imaging, posterior fossa, subdural hematoma

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