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7 - Osteoporotic hip fractures and concomitant injuries

Adnan Kara, Ali Şeker, Eray Kılınç, Mustafa Faik Seçkin, İrfan Öztürk

Objectives: Osteoporotic hip fractures are usually seen in elderly and occurs due to simple falls. The aim of this study is to investigate the concomitant fractures to the hip.

Material and Methods: Between 2004- 2012 years, 519 patients admitted to the emergency department of our hospital after simple fall and diagnosed as intertrochanteric or neck fracture of femur were included in this study. Patient records were evaluated retrospectively and concomitant fractures of hip fractures and their treatment modalities were investigated.

Results: 189 (%36,4) patients were male and 330 were female (%63,6). Mean age of male patients was 76,9 (55-109), females was 78,1 (53-105) and overall mean age was 77,7 (53-109). 208 (%40,1) patients had femoral neck and, 311 (%59,9) patients had intertrochanteric femur fractures. Nineteen patients (%3,7) had additional twenty one fractures concomitant to hip fractures. In this group 11 (%57,9) patients were female and, 8 (%42,1) patients were male. Mean age of male patients were 70 (54-80), and female patients were 75,6 (65-95), and overall patients was 73,3 (54-95). Seven patients (%36,8) had femural neck fractures and 12 patients (%63,2) had intertrochanteric femur fractures. Seven patients had distal radius, four patients had proximal humerus fractures. Crural, humerus diaphysis, ramus pubis, patella, L1 vertebra compression, trimalleolar, lateral malleol, fifth metacarp, claviculaand distal humerus fractures were detected. Among these patients, a proximal humerus fracure, a distal radial fracture, trim llolar and crural fractures were treated by open reduction and internal fixation. A distal humerus fracture and diaphyseal fractures were surgically treated. Other patients were conservatively treated.

Conclucion: It should be kept in mind that hip fractures can be accompanied by other fractures. Therefore careful examination of other parts of body is very important.

Keywords: Osteoporosis, hip fracture, vertebral fracture, distal radius fracture

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