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6 - Our surgical approach to gynaecomastia and a comparison of techniques

Kamuran Zeynep Sevim, Ayşin Karasoy Yeşilada, Fatih Irmak, Leyla Türkoğlu Kılınç, Nebil Yeşiloğlu

Purpose: Surgical treatment of gynecomastia comprises of gland resection, liposuction or liposuction and combined gland resection.In our study we retrospectively analyzed 50 gynecomastia patients who presented our hospital. We are presenting our approach and the preferred method of treatment in all stages of gynecomastia with a simplified and easy-to-understand algorithm.

Method: Fifty patients presented with gynecomastia between 2002-2010 and they were grouped according to the choice of surgical method chosen. Patients were classified according to Simon classification. Six patients were Simon 1, 28 patients Simon 2a, 14 patients Simon 2b and 2 patients Simon 3.

Results: Our study summarized that Simon 1 and 2a patients showed satisfying results with liposuction only if there wasn’t any prominent fibroglandular tissues, and Simon 2b patients mostly required gland resection in addition to liposuction, and Simon 3 patients required skin resection and gland resection resembling reduction mammoplasty.

Conclusion: The main goals of surgery of gynecomastia patients should include providing the patients with a non-feminine looking naval area and adequate size nipple areolas with the least amount of hypertrophic scar formation. Following our simple algorithm we accomplished those in a significant amount of the patients.

Keywords: Gynecomastia, liposuction, gland excision

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