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          VOLUME 46 / ISSUE 1

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5 - Gastric metaplasia in gallbladder; case report and review of the literature

Uğur Kesici, Sevgi Kesici, Sezgin Zeren, Ülkü Aygen Türkmen, Mehmet Çimen, Gülen Burakgazi

Purpose: Gastric metaplasia is an epithelial change in gallbladder, seen at patient with gallstones. In this case presentation, the significance of gastric metaplastic lesion is discussed.

Case Presentation: In this case report, 34 years old female with a pain complaint in right upper quadrant, that arised especially after fatty food, is discussed and literature is evaluated. Multiple calculi - the greatest is 1 cm - were determined in gallbladder in the abdominal ultrasonography. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed under elective conditions. Gastric metaplasia in gallbladder was determined in pathological examination.

Conclusion: It is stated that metaplasia-dysplasia sequence in gallbladder may be the beginning of gallbladder cancer. For this reason, we consider that histopathological examination of gastric metaplastic lesions in gallbladder should be performed more carefully.

Keywords: Gallbladder, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, gastric metaplasia

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