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          VOLUME 45 / ISSUE 4

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4 - Evaluation of anemia prevalence in 1-12 old age group male children in Kagithane district of istanbul

Gülsen Meral, Ayşegül Uslu, Faruk Akçay, Eylem Erzurumlu

Aim: Evaluation of anemia prevalence among 1-12 year-old age group of male children.

Materials and Process: 450 healthy male children, who applied for circumcision in June and July 2011, in Kağıthane District of İstanbul, were included in this study. The hemoglobin levels of these children were analyzed according to their age groups. NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System) 2007&PASS (Power Analysis and Sample Size) 2008 statistical software (Utah, USA) programs were used for statistical analysis.

Findings: Low hemoglobin levels were found in 6,4% of the cases. Of 29 children, 18 (62,06%) children smaller than 5 years of age were found to have low hemoglobin levels.

Conclusion: We can say that anemia prevelance in former studies in Turkey was higher but as the years pass it is declining. A major factor in declining anemia prevelance is the campaign “TURKEY LIKE IRON”, which provided children iron preparations, iniated by Ministry of Health in 2004. Although there is a decline in prevelance; anemia cases are stil seen in low levels. Therefore, we believe in the importance of routine measurements of hemoglobin levels by physicians as they follow the growth and development of children.

Keywords: Anemia, iron deficiency anemia, child

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