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2 - Evaluation of tissue transglutaminase IgA antibody in diagnosis and following up of celiac disease in children

Seda Geylani Güleç, Nafiye Urgancı, Filiz Gül, Merve Emecen, Ela Erdem

Aim: It is studied to challenge a costeffective, easy applicable, diagnostic algorithm that has high spesivity an sensitivity in pediatric patients with celiac disease.In our study we aimed to determine the relationship between a quick and easy finger tip celiac disease test and the other tests in addition to effective of diet monitorization.

Patients and Method: 33 (64.7%) of the cases was girl and 18 (35.3%) was boy and the patients were 1-17 (6.59±4.51) years old. All of the patients were diagnosed as celiac disease by upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. There is no patient detected with "ive IgA deficiency. 36% of patients were adapted to diet and 15% was not. Tissue transglutaminase (tTG) IgA was performed by immuno-cromatographic method called Biocard Celiac test (AniBiotech, Vantaa, Finland). Statistical analysis were done with NCSS 2007 programme.

Results: tTG IgA test was positive in 24 and negative in 27 patients. tTG IgA, antigliadin antibody (AGA IgG) and antiendomisium antibody (EMA IgA) were consistent as diagnosing methods. tTG IgA test was 100% positive in diet non adapted group where as 75% was negative in diet adapted group (p=0.002). There is no statistical difference in terms of AGA IgA, AGA IgG and EMA IgA in diet adapted or non adapted gruops (p=0.119, p=0.083, p=0.419) . There is no difference between AGA IgA and AGA IgG (p=0.241). There is statistical difference between AGA IgA and EMA IgA (p=0.001) and no statistical difference was detected between AGA IgA and IgG (p=0.098).

Discussion: Cromatographic detection of tissue transglutaminase which is an easy applicable and cheap test is consistent with EMA IgA test which is spesific and sensitive at diagnosing. tTG IgA test is sensitive in diet adapted group however could be assessed as false positive in diet adapted group. In this case patients should be reassesed with their clinical and laboratuary findings.

Keywords: Celiac disease, child, tissue transglutaminase antibody, diet

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