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          VOLUME 45 / ISSUE 2

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7 - Primary renal small cell carcinoma: case report

Orhan Tanrıverdi, Mustafa Kadıhasanoğlu, Mustafa Aydın, Müveddet Banu Yılmaz, Cengiz Miroğlu

Renal small cell carcinoma is a highly aggressive malignant tumor that has the potential of distant metastasis and it shows neuroendocrine and epithelial neoplasm features which are ultrastructural and immunohistochemical. Approximately 5% of small cell carcinomas are localized in extrapulmonary and renal localization is rarely seen. Although nephrectomy and chemotherapy are recommended for treatment, life expectancies are quite short. A 75-year-old woman, who had a primary small cell carcinoma of the right renal pelvis, was the subject of our case. Nephrectomy was performed on the patient and small cell carcinoma -containing areas of high grade transitional epithelium cell- was reported after pathological evaluation. The patient, who had liver metastasis and thus received 5 cures of chemotheraphy (cisplatinum, etoposide), died 20 months after the diagnosis.

Keywords: Kidney, small cell carcinoma, neuroendocrin

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