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          VOLUME 45 / ISSUE 2

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3 - The incidence and distribution of accessory ossicles of the foot

Hilal Kır, Sibel Kandemir, Mehmet Olgaç, Onur Yıldırım, Gökhan Şen

Accessory ossicles of the foot are generally asymptomatic. Accessory ossicles could be confused with avulsion fractures in the presence of trauma. Locations and frequency of accessory ossicles should be well known to reduce incorrect preliminary diagnosis. In our study, anterior-posterior and lateral radiography of ankle-foot of 277 female and male cases with an age range of 21 to 83 years were examined retrospectively with regard to accessoy ossicles. Accessory ossicles were examined according to the sex, frequencies and divisions of the bones, bilaterality and coexistence. Accessory ossicles were determined in %45,4 of 277 cases. The most common accessory ossicles were accessory navicular bone (65,8%), os peroneum (16,6%), os trigonum (11,9%), os vesalianum(7,1%), os subtibiale (3,9%), os talotibiale (3,9%), os intermetatarseum (2,3%) and os intercuneiforme (2,3%). Accessory ossicles were seen in 45,8% of all female cases and 44,4% of all male cases. The most common accessory ossicle in female and male cases was accessory navicular bone. The accessory ossicles were seen in 55,5% of cases in both of the feet, in 30,9% of cases right unilaterally and in 13,4% of cases left unilaterally. The most common seen bilaterally accessory ossicle was accessory navicular bone. We determined the coexistencies of two different accessory ossicles as 10,6% of cases and three different accessory ossicles as 2,6% of cases. Thus, we have made an overall assesment about the incidence of accessory ossicles of the foot and distribution in our region.

Keywords: Accessory ossicles, foot, radiography

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