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5 - A rarely cause of premature birth: idiopathic anaphylaxis of pregnancy

Emrah Can, Sinan Uslu, Ali Bülbül, Muhittin Çelik, Fatih Bolat, Serdar Cömert

Anaphylaxis is a rare cause of prematurity at during pregnancy period. It can have serious effects for both mother and fetus. Anaphylaxis is a rare but potentially life-threatening event for mother and baby in during pregnancy. Anaphylaxis can be prevented maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity by cesarean section application and appropriate resuscitation by epinephrine. Anaphylaxis is a good choice vasopressor agents, although it can pose a risk in pregnancy for placental-fetal circulation in non-pregnant person. 28 year old mother was hospitalized with the diagnosis of anaphylactic reaction and fetal disstress. Emergency treatment with epinephrine and steroids to the mother, cesarean delivery was in the 33 weeks of gestation for fetal disstress. Mother’s induce anaphylactic reactions caused by the birth was not found. In patients with idiopathic anaphylaxis during pregnancy, delivery time, delivery method continues to be controversial today, but in cases can affect the newborn and maternal survival positive of rapid and effective management practices.

Keywords: Anaphylaxis, prematurity, newborn

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