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4 - Our clinic experience in 112 case with mandibular fractures

Özay Özkaya, Semra Karşıdağ, Ayşin Karasoy Yeşilada, Mahmut Ulvi Kayalı, Kemal Uğurlu, Lüftü Baş

Objective: Mandibular fractures which are the second most common facial injuries after nasal fractures in maxillofacial traumas not only effect mastication and speech functions but also important for the lower 1/3 facial aesthetic appearance. The aim of our study is evaluation of patients about demographic properties, diagnosis and treatment modalities.

Method: A retrospective study on mandibular fractures was carried out in Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery between January 2002 and May 2008 regarding their age, sex, etiology, fracture types, treatment modalities and treatment outcomes.

Results: Female-male ratio was 1/2.8 and average age was 27.6. In the 65% of patients etiology of injury was traffic accidents and 27% of patients have isolated symphisis fracture. 80% of patients treated with open reduction and miniplate fixation and remaining 20% of patients that have condyle, subcondyle, alveolar and nondisplaced symphisis fractures were treated with closed reduction and intermaxillary fixation procedure. The complication rate of patients that were treated with closed reduction was 18% and patients that were treated with open reduction was 8,8%. The most common complications were malocclusion, plate infection and nonunion.

Conclusion: The success of treatment in mandible fractures depends on the detailed evaluation of the patients and rapid and accurate therapy. Open reduction and fixation will cause less complication rates with experienced surgeons.

Keywords: Mandibular fractures, epidemiology, treatment protocol

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